Storybook Album Box Set – Acrylic Edition

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Chloe & Tom recently received their storybook wedding album (they loved it). I was really happy with the page design plus their great colour choices. Here’s some photos showcasing their album. The album pictured is the 12 inch Album Box Set, acrylic edition featuring 100 photos. The covering material is the C13 swatch (outer leatherette material) and A12 (the inner textile material). The album cover features a full page edge to edge acrylic cover. This is mirrored on the album box and features a matching USB inside.

Storybook Wedding Album Acrylic Edition without USB

Stewart ClarkeWedding Albums

Storybook Wedding Album

Designing storybook wedding albums is one of my enjoyable activities. Once the couple have choose their album selections, I get to work designing the page spreads, set around their choice of photos.

Pippa & Ross choose the Acrylic Edition (without USB) and the fabric swatch H8. Their album features 150 photos, roughly 30 page spreads. The Acrylic album cover is mirrored on the album box. 

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Storybook Wedding Album featuring Old Down Manor

Stewart ClarkeWedding Albums

Storybook Wedding Album

This lovely wedding album belongs to Teresa & James, who got married at Old Down Manor last year, just before the November lockdown. For more details on the albums I supply, please take a look at my main wedding albums page. You’ll also find plenty of examples in my products gallery, plus there’s also two video walk-throughs available.

Storybook Wedding Album Box Set

Stewart ClarkeWedding Albums

Here’s a small gallery of two recent storybook weddings album. The Album Box Set very quickly became my favourite and most popular wedding album. They are very customisable – The acrylic edition pictured below has upgraded content and features 200 photos designed across 80 pages. You can choose from a wide range of covering materials and 3 different cover styles. Personalised, Exclusive and Acrylic. For further details, take a look at my main wedding album page.

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Some recent Wedding Album Box Sets

Stewart ClarkeWedding Albums

The following gallery features some of the many beautiful Album Box Sets. These wedding album’s are simply stunning. As well as choosing the album colour / fabric, you also choose the album cover style, either personalised with names and date of wedding, or photo covers with several layout choices.

Whilst using your photo selection, I design the page layouts. Before the album is put into production, you can choose to see a preview first, or if you have great trust, you can have a surprise seeing the finished album together.

Album Box Set Exclusive Edition

Stewart ClarkeWedding Albums

Wedding Album Box Set Stewart Clarke Photography

This stunning wedding album belongs to Fiona & Gary who had the Album Box Set (exclusive edition) with their wedding package. For the album design, they choose the black eco-leather for the album and box covering. This complimented the grey textile innner colour. They also choose to have a personalised front cover which they names and date of wedding.

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Some recent Wedding Albums

Stewart Clarke2017, Wedding Albums

Here’s a few shots of some recent wedding albums – These three, are all Album Box Sets. You can read more about these and others on my wedding albums page.

Album Box Set – The Exclusive Edition

Stewart ClarkeWedding Albums

The exclusive album box set offers more choice of colour, including eco leathers and textile fabrics. The album and box have a number of cover photo arrangements to further personalise the album. Further details, please see my album page and wedding packages.