Creative Wedding Photography with

Smoke Grenades

So I absolutely love a good smoke grenade! Smoke grenade wedding photography is awesome! I think they give a great colour pop to your images, and they can be a lot of fun too! I always get lots of questions about smoke grenades (smoke bombs) and how they work, so hopefully this page will be helpful!

Looking to have Smoke Grenades at your wedding?

Before you buy your Smoke Grenades, it’s advisable to ask your venue if they are allowed. Some venues will not allow them, as they are a form of pyrotechnic. They come into the category of fireworks. If a venue doesn't allow fireworks, it's likely they won't allow Smoke Grenades.

Safety first...

It is your responsibility (not the photographer’s) to ensure you have taken all the correct safety measures before using the smoke grenades. It’s highly recommended that only sensible people of adult age uses them. Consider bring a metal bucket to drop used smoke grenades. Smoke grenades burn hot inside long after use, so consider bring a bottle of water to make sure they’re fully extinguished They should only be used in an open area outdoors (avoid any areas that are overly dry).
Creative Wedding Photography with Smoke Grenades

Do smoke grenades stain?

There is a risk of them staining dresses (and other fabrics) and they do get very hot. When you set off the smoke grenade, there are a few sparks which can also burn if you aren’t careful. Always pull the ring at arms length. If you are 2-3 feet away and just standing in the smoke cloud, it should not stain your clothing, although there is always a risk.

Smoke grenades will start to heat up after a while. To avoid the heat, it’s recommended to hold the bottom third of the smoke grenade. Consider the wind direction, so when placing on the ground, the smoke stays behind you.


Tell your Photographer in advance!

Make sure you tell myself well in advance if you’re planning on doing them! I can help you prepare and suggest the best places to do photos with them. I will always talk though the risks before use and advise the best way to use safely use them.

Where can I buy smoke grenades?

I always recommend buying the EG Enola Gaye Wire Pull Smoke Grenades because they burn cool, not hot. Plus, these smoke bombs are all non-toxic smoke with a fully biodegradable body.

The best place to buy them from is Enola Gaye. Please always buy the Enola Gaye wire pull smoke grenade WP40.