Exclusive & Acrylic Edition

Album Box Set


The following cover photo arrangements are available to the Exclusive Edition. These apply to the album box and the storybook album cover. Depending on album size, there are layout options for either 1 or 3 photos. Click on the appropriate album size below to view the cover designs.


The following fabric swatches are available to the Exclusive & Acrylic Editions. You can select any swatch to take a closer look.

 For reference, the exclusive sample album I have on show, uses the C21 Eco-Leather for the outer covers and the A37 Textile for the inner box colour. The album size is 10 inch and features the P9 cover layout.

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Duo Textile

These are special colours. Their uniqueness is visible at a first sight as they appear to morph from one colour to another. The swatch colours shown are the textiles main look. You can see the hint of the second colour in the fine texture. Here's an example of H3.

Colour match disclaimer: As screen colours on computers, laptops and tablets vary, the following swatches are there as a guide and is not a guaranteed match to the actual fabric colour. The actual swatches are available to view at request. Please contact us for further details.