A Qualified Master Photographer


Photography Qualifications | Licentiate Master Photographer

LMPA | Licentiate Master Photographer

For the first criteria of becoming a qualified LMPA Master Photographer and a full-time member of the Master Photographers Association, a panel of my work was assessed by a team of experts. They check for composition, control and lighting of the subject and sound technical competence. This is the requirements for passing and becoming a LMPA (Licentiate) Master Photographer.

I qualified with the MPA in 2010 and was delighted when my panel was also submitted as a finalist for the 'Best Licentiate Panel 2010' in the Master Photographers Award Ceremony... sadly I didn't win, but the experience was amazing. You can view my qualifying panel below.


DipPP | Diploma in Photographic Practices

The Second criteria was a Diploma in Photographic Practices which included an assessment of my professional practices in the form of a documented "Working Profile". This was produced alongside my images and became a reference guide for how I run my photography business.

Elements for the Diploma included business skills, customer care, business policies (including insurance and contracts) marketing, health & safety and legal requirements.


My 20110 Qualifying Licentiate Panel

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